How I Re-Engineered My One Man Coaching Business And Went From "Burned Out" to Consistently Generating $17k-32k/mo - While Creating Only 3 Hours a Day

If you're like most of my clients you want to build a fun, lean, and lucrative coaching business working with clients you love.

You're burned out on product launches, tired of building complicated tech funnels, and feeling like you need to use low-class marketing tactics to sell.

What you want is to:

1. Get paid to create awesome stuff that gets amazing results for your clients without a bunch of hand holding, time-consuming product launches or 1:1 coaching.

2. Generate predictable revenue of $20k-$30k/mo that provides you with a great life while eliminating the stress that comes from starting at zero each month.

3. Reduce the time you spend getting results for your clients so you have more time to enjoy your success and less time working in your business.

That is exactly what I have been able to do, and in the private coaching session on the next page I'm going to teach you exactly how I did it - so you can model it for yourself.

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PAINFULLY OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: My results aren't even on the same planet as "typical." Pulling this off was HARD and it STILL takes work. It's not like I get to just sit around all day and count money. And no matter how good the instructions are, the average person who gets/consumes/buys any "business building" materials rarely gets any results. Kind of like how the average person who buys the fitness gizmo on TV rarely looks like the person in the commercials. Anyway - you get the point. No income claims are made or implied. I can show you what's working for me but please don't take it as an insinuation that the average person will do the same. I have no clue what the average person (or anyone) will do. I think it's safe to assume the answer is "nothing."