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A Little About the Creator

Over the years I've come to conclude that you must engage in relentless, continuous, constant, uninterrupted promotion/self-promotion to keep a business or career moving forward.

Conversely, the worst thing you can possibly do is get too busy with "work" to have time to promote.

My rule is never to let a day pass without doing something to promote, no matter how busy I am and how backlogged I am with work.

This commitment to daily promotion prevents me from slipping into the start-stop-start-stop pattern that destroys momentum.

That said, coming up with new content every day is daunting. I consider myself to be a very creative person but even I have periods when the ideas stop flowing.

So I created a cheat sheet. 50 fill-in-the-blank idea starters to help get those creative juices flowing. And I'm giving it to you for FREE.